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Kelvin was raised in a middle class family in the suburbs of Washington, DC. Life challenged him early, lack of communication within the family, and home foreclosure. The death of his mother sent Kelvin into a very dark space fueling and uncovering drug addiction. After nearly three years of homelessness, it along with legal trouble had taken it’s toll. Just when Kelvin considered giving up, a minister entered his life that believed in him and decided to help him.

There is no shortage of praise when Kelvin speaks about Reverend J.C. Melvin. He worked with Kelvin and shaped his focus to becoming a productive man in society. Now being rightfully restored, Kelvin embraced several meaningful relationships that shaped the direction of his recovery. In 2009, Kelvin began his homeless advocacy with the National Coalition for the Homeless. Also in 2009, he wrote and self-published two self help books. Kelvin and his wife of 15 years currently reside in Washington, DC.